World in Revolt Conference in Toronto

Toronto Conference will be a Hit

by Barry Weisleder

“A World in Revolt” is shaping up to be the hit international left educational gathering of the Spring season. Subtitled “Prospects for Socialism in the 21st Century,” the conference set for Toronto, Canada, May 22–25, now has an agenda (see below) packed with topics and speakers sure to stimulate critical thinking and action for a long time to come.

Over the past month several important personalities have come on board. Joining the opening panel on “Palestine, the Annapolis Trap, and the Global Boycott Campaign” is the President of the Canadian Arab Federation, Khaled Mouammar. Presenting greetings to the highlight session on Friday evening, “Prospects for Socialist Revolution in Venezuela and Latin America,” will be the Consul General of the Bolivarian Repubic of Venezuela in Toronto, Mirna Quero de Pena. That event will also feature one of Cuba’s foremost writers, scientists and advocates of Trotskyist ideas, Celia Hart, and a leader of the Mexican Socialist Unity League (LUS), Ismael Contreras. Celia will speak three times in all, including Saturday night on the question “Was Che Guevara a Trotskyist?,” alongside Esteban Volkov, the Mexico City-based 82-year old grandson of Leon Trotsky.

The seminal topic that will lead off on Saturday morning, “Eco-Socialism or Barbarism,” will be addressed by Ian Angus, the Ottawa-based editor of “Climate and Capitalism,” and a co-convenor of the Ecosocialist International Network, launched in Paris, France in October 2007. And joining this writer, who is a teachers’ union organizer, on the concluding panel, “Labour’s Retreat and its Coming Resurgence,” Sunday at 1 p.m., are veteran union activists Bill Onasch, a member of the UAW, formerly of the UE and ATU, based in Kansas City, and Marty Goodman, an executive board member of Transport Workers Union Local 100 in New York City, who played a prominent role in one of the biggest transit strikes ever.

Following adjournment of the conference, members of Socialist Action / Ligue pour l’Action socialiste in the Canadian state will convene for an abbreviated convention to vote on tasks, policies, new members, and to elect a federal steering committee. Those interested in joining SA/LAS, along with international guests, will be invited to stay and observe.

Is there more good news? Yes, indeed. The deadline for booking low-cost accommodation just five city blocks from the conference site has been extended to April 1 (no April foolin’). It’s just $30 per night for a single, or $25 per night for each person in a shared room. So, if you are travelling to Toronto from afar, now is the time to book your space by going to: Then print the reservation form and fax/mail/email it to the office. You can also call in your room reservation at: 416 - 946-0529 or 416 - 946-5317.

In order to get the special rate, submit the Special Rate Code “SAC2008,” or refer to the Socialist Action Confere nce when calling by phone. Now is also the time to take advantage of the early registration rate. Prior to the conference, a four-day pass costs $30 (U.S. or Canadian currency). During the conference, the weekend ticket will be $40, or you can pay $6 per session (there are nine sessions in all). Or pay whatever you can (no one will be turned
away). Please send cheques or money orders to: S.A., 526 Roxton Road, Toronto, Ontario M6G 3R4.

So, put on some travelling music, and set your compass for Toronto in May. “A World in Revolt” awaits you. And don’t forget to tell your co-workers and friends.

A World in Revolt
Prospects for Socialism in the 21st Century
An international political education conference, May 22–25, 2008 at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, 252 Bloor Street West (St. George Subway Station),Toronto, sponsored by Socialist Action-Canada, Socialist Action-United States, and the Socialist Unity League (LUS) of Mexico.

Thursday, May 22
7 p.m. Palestine, the Annapolis trap, and the Global Boycott Campaign — Andy Pollack (SA-US, New York), Adam Hanieh (Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid-Toronto) and Khaled Mouammar (President, Canadian Arab Federation).

Friday, May 23
4 p.m. Feminism, Anti-Racism and Immigrants’ Rights
The Marxist View — Sarah O’Sullivan (SA-Canada, Halifax), Jason McGahan (SA-US, Connecticut) and Rebecca Doran (SA-US, San Francisco).

7 p.m. Prospects for Socialist Revolution in Venezuela and Latin America — Celia Hart (Havana, Cuba) and Ismael Contreras (Mexico City – LUS), with greetings from Mirna Quero de Pena, the Venezuelan Consul General in Toronto.

Saturday, May 24
10 a.m. Eco-Socialism or Barbarism — Ian Angus (Editor, Climate and Capitalism - Canada).

12 noon A special lunch with Celia Hart (outstanding writer, educator, scientist, proponent of Trotskyism in Cuba) and Esteban Volkov (Mexico City – Trotsky’s 82 year-old grandson).

1:30 p.m. The class struggle in Canada and Québec — Barry Weisleder (SA-Canada Federal Secretary) and Robbie Mahood (SA-Montréal)

4 p.m. U.S. Imperialism in Crisis: The failing war in Iraq and the Deepening Crisis at Home — Jeff Mackler (National Secretary, SA-US, San Francisco) and Christine Gauvreau (SA and anti-war leader, Connecticut)

7 p.m. Was Che Guevara a Trotskyist? — Celia Hart (Cuba), Esteban Volkov (Mexico), and Gerry Foley (International Editor, Socialist Action newspaper).

10 p.m. Social time at a nearby pub

Sunday, May 25
11 a.m. James P. Cannon and the Revolutionary Tradition in North America — Bryan Palmer (author, professor of history, Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario) and Gerry Foley (SA-US).

1 p.m. Labour’s Retreat and its Coming Resurgence — Bill Onasch (SA-US,Kansas City), Marty Goodman (SA-US, New York), and Barry Weisleder (SA-Canada).

Tickets: Prior to the conference, a four-day pass costs $30 (in U.S. or Canadian dollars).
During the conference, the weekend ticket price is $40. Or $6 per session (there are nine sessions in all).
Or pay whatever you can afford (no one will be turned away).
Please send cheques or money orders to: SA, 526 Roxton Road, Toronto, Ontario M6G 3R4.
For more information visit: E-mail: Phone: 416 - 535-8779.