Call for Nationwide Endorsement of N.Y. Labor Against War Statement

Trade unionists, regardless of geographic location, are invited to endorse the New York City Labor Against War statement below. (If you are not a trade unionist, please forward this to union members.) Endorsers will be listed by city and/or country. (All affiliations and titles will be “for identification only,” unless otherwise requested.)

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[Note: The following statement, concerning September 11 and its aftermath, has not been endorsed by the Association of Legal Aid Attorneys/UAW 2325. It is supported by individual ALAA members and is provided for your information.]


September 27, 2001

September 11 has brought indescribable suffering to New York City’s working people.  We have lost friends, family members, and coworkers of all colors, nationalities, and religions — a thousand of them union members. An estimated one hundred thousand New Yorkers will lose their jobs.

We condemn this crime against humanity and mourn those who perished. We are proud of the rescuers and the outpouring of labor support for victims’ families. We want justice for the dead and safety for the living.

And we believe that George Bush’s war is not the answer.

No one should suffer what we experienced on September 11. Yet war will inevitably harm countless innocent civilians, strengthen American alliances with brutal dictatorships and deepen global poverty — just as the United States and its allies have already inflicted widespread suffering on innocent people in such places as Iraq, Sudan, Israel, and the Occupied Territories, the former Yugoslavia, and Latin America.

War will also take a heavy toll on us.  For Americans in uniform—the overwhelming number of whom are workers and people of color — it will be another Vietnam. It will generate further terror in this country against Arabs, Muslims, South Asians, people of color, and immigrants, and erode our civil liberties.

It will redirect billions to the military and corporate executives, while draining such essential domestic programs as education, health care, and the social security trust. In New York City and elsewhere, it will be a pretext for imposing “austerity” on labor and poor people under the guise of “national unity.”

War will play into the hands of religious fanatics—from Osama bin Laden to Jerry Falwell—and provoke further terrorism in major urban centers like New York.

Therefore, the undersigned New York City metro-area trade unionists believe a just and effective response to September 11 demands:

 SIGNERS (List in formation: revised as of October 5, 2001, 17:36)





AAUP.  American Association of University Professors
ACLA.  Attorneys of Color of Legal Aid
AFM.    American Federation of Musicians
AFSA.  American Federation of School Administrators
AFT.  American Federation of Teachers
AFSCME.  American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees
ALAA.  Association of Legal Aid Attorneys
APWU.  American Postal Workers Union
AUD.    Association for Union Democracy
CAB.    Criminal Appeals Bureau, Legal Aid Society
CDD.    Criminal Defense Division, Legal Aid Society
CSEA. Civil Service Employees Association
CUNY.  City University of New York
CWA.  Communication Workers of America
CWE.  Consortium for Worker Education
GLTGC.  Gay, Lesbian, Trans-Gender Caucus
GSEU.  Graduate Student Employees United
GSOC.  Graduate Student Organizing Committee
IATSE.  International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees
IBEW.  International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
IBT.  International Brotherhood of Teamsters
IWW.  Industrial Workers of the World
JRD.  Juvenile Rights Division, Legal Aid Society
LSSA.  Legal Services Staff Association
NWU.  National Writers Union
OSA.    Office of Staff Analysts
PEF.    Public Employees Federation
PRP.  Prisoners Rights Project, Legal Aid Society
PSC.  Professional Staff Congress-City University of New York
RWDSU.  Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union
SEIU.  Service Employees International Union
SSEU.   Social Service Employees Union
TWU.    Transport Workers Union
UAW.  United Auto Workers
UFT.    United Federation of Teachers
UNITE!  Union of Needletrades, Industrial and Textile Employees
UUP.  United University Professions
VVAW.  Vietnam Veterans Against the War