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Labor Resolution against NATO/G8

Whereas, the G8 has been responsible for austerity measures forced on working people around the world; and

Whereas, austerity measures are another way of describing the cuts to benefits and social services, attacks on public and private sector workers; and

Whereas, public sector employees, reeling from reduced state and federal revenues due to economic contraction, war and tax cuts for the wealthy, have been especially hard hit; and

Whereas, NATO as a vestige of the cold war, is now fighting unjust wars throughout the world; and

Whereas, military budgets and expenditures have taken money from social services, education, healthcare and other needed programs causing hardship to the American people and causing a loss of jobs;

Therefore Be It Resolved, that this body goes on record as expressing its opposition to the NATO/G8 summits being held in Chicago May 2012; and

Further Be It Resolved, that we call on our members to mobilize and join the permitted march to be held on May 19th 2012; and

Further Be It Resolved, that we call on Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to stand behind the issued permits and allow for peaceful demonstrations on May 19, 2012 that will be in close proximity to the summits so that the protester’s grievances can be heard; and

Be it Finally Resolved, that our union supports forums for the purpose of expressing an alternative people’s agenda to the war and poverty agenda that will be put forward by NATO and the G8.