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Workers May Shut Down the Entire Economy in France: A Total General Strike is Possible.

See the news items on the May 26 “Labor Advocate News Blog,” a daily news digest, especially the one from Deutsche Welle (DW). Today's “Democracy Now” shows which way the wind is blowing:

French Nuclear Power Plant Workers Vote to Join Growing Strikes

May 26, 2016

French Nuclear PlantsIn France, workers at nuclear power plants have voted to join the growing strikes, which are threatening to immobilize the country amid protests over labor reforms. Gas stations have reported fuel shortages as protesters blockaded oil depots and shut down all eight of France's oil refineries Tuesday. Unions are protesting reforms that would make it easier to fire workers, among other provisions. Unionist Mathieu Pinault spoke out.

Mathieu Pinault: “What we want today is for this movement to spread. All the other sectors in France seem decided to stop the factories, to paralyze the economy, so we really think that we have a wide movement which will continue with the will to impact the economy. So, in all logic, it should force the government to withdraw this bill, which isn't at all in everyone's interest.”


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